Amazon Flipkart Price Tracker & Alert Bot

We bought you an Amazon Flipkart Price Tracker & Alert Bot which gets you notified once the price has a drop of your selected products in the Amazon/Flipkart online shop. This bot helps you with amazing features to notify you whenever any price gets reduced compared to your targeted amount. You can also see the updated prices of all the products which you added to your product alert list.


  • Price Alert – Alerts immediately when the price changes. So please turn on the notification for this bot.
  • Amazon and Flipkart tracking is available in this bot.
  • Add Unlimited Products – You can add unlimited products to this bot.
  • Non-stop Tracking – Our bot never goes down, so the tracking works 24×7.
  • Daily Updates – This bot let you know the daily deals and offers on Amazon & Flipkart.

How this works:

  • Just press ‘Start’ and send the link.
  • The Bot will start to track the product.
  • Then the Bot will notify you when the price drops or increases.
  • The Bot can work 24×7.
  • You can stop the product tracking anytime.
  • Additionally, this bot will notify you whenever it finds a good deal and offers on Amazon/Flipkart.
  • Last but not least, your data will never be collected.

Bot Commands:

/start – Start the bot

/help – To get the available commands

/track  {Product link} – Add product to tracking list

/stop_{Tracking ID} – Stop tracking

/list – Get the list of products that are being tracked

Bot Link:

Happy Shopping!!

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