The Island of Dolls Story - The Scariest Place in Mexico

No one can easily believe if there are more than 1500 toys on an island where no one is and there are toys that are terrifying when you look at each one. But such a place still exists today and that’s what we’re going to look at in detail. There is an area in the US state of Mexico that is now known as Toy Island. This area was formerly known as the Floating Garden. It is a small town located about 1.5 hours from the lake on the other side. The place is one of the scariest in the world today. How did this floating garden become a toy island? Let’s see.

Within 1.5 hours of the island lies a small village dating back to the 19th century. At that time 3 girls were playing in the street in that village. It was then customary for the lotus and jasmine flowers to bloom in the large lake adjacent to the village. The girls went to the side of the lake to play.  Then one of the girls had a desire to pluck the lily that was in the lake. So the little girl jumped into the water without knowing the danger. That little girl had a habit. She will still be with a toy. She will take care of the toy as if it were her own birth. Thus the little girl was with the toy when she went down into the lake. The girl did not know how to swim and she was drowned. The other two girls who saw this were scared to look at it and not knowing what to do, they went home and told them what had happened. They go to the house of the girl who drowned and goes to the shore with them and searches for the girl. The body of the girl who went into the water in search of various places was not found. It is believed that the girl may have been swept away by the floodwaters. In this case, Don Julian went to the area in the middle of the 20th century. He travelled around the lake by a small boat from the village. Then there was a beautiful island a few miles away from the village. He loved seeing the island. Immediately the boat headed for the island and landed on the island. Within minutes of his landing on the island a great shock awaited him. A voice heard him from the island. The voice asked him, “Why didn’t you save me, Dad?” He was shocked to hear that and looked around to see if anyone was on the island. There was no one else on the island but him and only one toy was found on that island.

When he picked up the toy and saw how it got here, he heard that voice again. The voice said to him this time, “Save me, Dad.” When he heard this he was shocked and got into his boat with the toy and went back to the village where he had taken the boat. He went to the village and showed the toy to the people there telling them what had happened to him. In the village, an old man told that a girl drowned with a toy in the lake many years ago, but her body was never found and the girl had a similar toy in her hand. He thought the little girl who had fallen into the lake and died was still haunting the island. Then he went to his house with that toy. There he wanted to be alone. He never spoke to his wife and children. The voice of the girl on the island called him Dad caused him great distress. Only then did he begin to think that the child would be the father of the previous genma. He could not stay at home from the next day. It has always seemed to him that he should go back to that island. Immediately he left his wife and children alone without thinking about them and took the toy he had brought and went to that island. He decided to stay on the island. He has decided that he does not want the outside world and that toy alone is enough.

Then he started to build a small house on the island with the materials he got. Lived in that house. He also left the toy he had brought hanging in the house. A few days later he started farming on the island. He would take the products to the village in his boat, sell it to the locals, buy a toy, and returns to the island. This is what he began to do every day. He would come to the village every day and sell the product of his island and buy a toy and go back to the island. Going to the island he would tie the toy to the trees there. This is what he has been doing for 50 years. Now, the island is full of toys. Villagers talked about how he sells goods on the island in the village for his livelihood. But for many years no one but him went to that island. So what does he do to anyone in that village?  The toys did everything. As no one knows. One day after the 1990s, a photographer came to the village where he sells produce on the island.

He heard about that floating garden that was specific to him and decided to go to that island. It was only when he travelled about 1.5 hours to the island that he knew. It was revealed that the island was a horror island. The most terrifying toys all over the island were made of wood. There are almost 1500 more toys on the island. Seeing this he was shocked and took a photo of it and brought it to his outside world. The news went viral in almost all media at the time. Don Julian died of a heart attack in 2001. News of the island spread before he died, and many horror-loving people flocked to the island. This is why he has been mentally disturbed for some time. The girl was pronounced dead at the scene, police said. Many claims that the girl killed him. Today the island has become almost like a tourist destination. It is said that the little girl and Julian still live on the island in ghost toys. Everyone who currently travels to the area carries a toy with them when they visit the island. Is it true what Julian heard? Who is the dead girl from that village? All of this is an unsolved mystery.

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