Magnetic Hill - The Magnetic Mountain of Kashmir - Mystery revealed

Natural wonders beyond the human brain and science pervade the world. We have seen so many mysterious places in the world in our blog such as Egyptian pyramidal mystery, Envaitenet Island, Bermuda Triangle, etc.., These are the places where we heard only the mystery stories but we have never seen those magical happenings in our eyes. So, there may be a chance that those stories are only rumors and may not be true ones. But there are some places that still delight us with their magic. Their nature is surrounded by lots of stories, science, miracles, and mystery. One such place we will see in this blog is Magnetic Hill, Magnetic Mountain of Kashmir, located in India. Adventure travelers and tourists to the Leh-Ladakh region of Kashmir do not miss this magnetic mountain. So you can see what a miracle there is in the slider.


Magnetic Hill:

Ladakh is definitely one of the must-visit places for every one of us in our lifetime. Bike riders often choose this place to enjoy adventure riding in Ladakh.

Meanwhile, Ladakh is considered one of the mysterious places of India. The locals living there also accepted it. While one of the must-see places in India, this place has long been a mystery. It is also known as the Magnetic Hill of Ladakh.



This is a specific section of the Srinagar-Leh Highway that has a clear view of the uphill. But the interesting thing is, you turn off the engine of the vehicle. If you allow your vehicle to stand still, it will start to move slowly. It is said to be able to reach speeds of 20 kph and is mysterious.


Notice board:


The road is marked with a sign for parking and there is a notice board on the side of the road. This magnetic mountain attracts not only the car but also any vehicle. It is said to move according to the weight of the vehicle.



Some argue that the high electromagnetic force of a particular mountain attracts such vehicles, while others claim that it is an optical illusion (if it is optical illusion, then how can a vehicle move?). That is why it is still referred to as an incomprehensible mystery.


Mystery revealed:

The real-magnetic force behind the Ladakh Magnetic Hill mystery. This is how cars can be pulled upwards. Planes flying above this particular point in the region will automatically increase altitude to avoid magnetic interference.

Therefore, every tourist driver passing by this place will deliberately turn off the engine. Only then will tourists be able to enjoy how their car still moves.

With so many scientific experiments to be done, here comes the myth for this particular part of the place. This place is no exception in mythology. The locals believe this differently. According to their story, this is the path that leads straight to heaven. Those who deserve heaven will be immediately drawn away, while those who do not deserve it will never find their way. So the mystery about this place continues.

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