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Sooner or later everyone who follows the history of the states will ask themselves – in fact, when did this or that object appear? We are trying to find the most accurate age of the pyramids in Egypt, the ancient temples. And what about the Fort Knox? And it was not spared by historians. It was like this.

Every country has its own gold reserves – without them, the economy would not last a day. More powerful powers, of course, have more gold reserves. These countries include Russia and the United States. The latter try not to advertise the number of gold nuggets, but there are constant rumors that there is unreal wealth in the United States. And they are all housed in the notorious Knox Castle.

Fort Knox is a U.S. military base located near Radcliffe, Kentucky, 56 kilometers southwest of the state capital, Louisville. The site is named after Henry Knox, the artillery chief and first US Secretary of War.

The military base was established in 1918 as a permanent post for the U.S. Army during World War I. In January 1932, Fort Knox was established as a permanent base for the 1st Cavalry Regiment. It also operated as the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) instigation center in the 1930s.

The site became the headquarters of the Armored Forces. In October 1940, the Armored School and the Armored Conversion Center were established on the site. The place was used to train soldiers in specific areas such as armored tactics, tank artillery, communications, and maintenance during battle.

In April 1942, Fort Knox became the Navy’s testing base with the creation of a Fake Landing Craft (LST) deck tank. In 1943, the Armored Forces have renamed the Armored Vehicle Replacement Training Center (ARTC). But the site was not always a military stronghold – Fort Knox was the main prisoner of war from February 1944 to June 1946. Admittedly, a great prison for soldiers – the immovable walls of the site did not give the slightest chance for freedom.


The total population of the Fort Knox site is approximately 75,000, including veterans, retirees, trainees, and civilians. The garrison at the base includes the Mission and Erection Contracts Command (CMBC), the Military Equipment Command with the Logistics Readiness Center, and the Logistics Support Group (LST). The basic members are the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, the Irish Military Community Hospital, the Veterinary Treatment Center, the Fort Knox Meteorological Operations, and the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC).

Fort Knox has an area of 17.57 million square feet, including 48 headquarters buildings, nine carpools, 212 rooms, two public classrooms, three canteens, and 21 public education buildings. This includes the 31-bed Irish Military Hospital, military dispensaries, dispensaries, and veterinary hospitals. Other ancillary facilities in the basement include a commissioner, five shops, three theatres, libraries, a golf course, a bowling center, six churches, four child development centers, and eight schools.

The military base is far less attractive than the powerful, fortified building that houses the nation’s gold reserves. Fort Knox houses 4500 tons of gold. Gold has been stored there since 1936.

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