Kuldara Village - Detailed History and its Mystery revealed

Kuldara village

Kuldara is a village located in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. This village is called the Ghost Village. 

Where is Kuldara?

Kuldara is a village located 18 km southwest of Jaisalmer district in the state of Rajasthan. This village has been the place where 85 hamlets came together. The city was formed in the early 13th century. The city was created by a specific community of immigrants from the area of Bali.  The village is known for its historical significance from the 13th century onwards. The village is also said to have been inhabited by Brahmins belonging to the Paliwal sect.


About 500 families are said to have lived in the village during the 19th century. An Amman temple was built in the village and the city was built around the Amman temple. It is said that 500 people who lived in the village went missing overnight.

Where did they go?

Where did all the people who lived in this village go? No one knows any reason why they went. Many people are giving various reasons for their disappearance, which can be found here.

Jaisalmer Diwan

Some people living in the vicinity of the area said that Jaisalmer Diwan Salim Singh wanted the daughter of a Kuldara village headman. Furthermore, it is said that he engaged in vile acts in order to reach her.

But the villagers refused that marriage. The Diwan threatened the villagers and threatened to levy higher taxes. It is widely rumored that the villagers are not ready for this. The story goes that the villagers left the village overnight without even taking their belongings.

God’s offense

Usually, the villagers claim that the gods have offended the Mahishasuramartini goddess in the temple, as a result of which the village has lost its power and the demons have become intoxicated. Many of those who stay in those villages at night may have done many things, such as haunting or mysteriously committing suicide.


Drought is also said to be another cause. The villagers’ main source of drinking water was a river about 2.5 km from the village. It is said that the river dried up and the people decided to move to another place overnight.


When a state minister mentioned the village in 2017, he said the village was devastated by the earthquake. But there is no evidence of an earthquake in that area.


Many people firmly believe that the village is inhabited by demons. Thus no one inside this town would allow the surrounding villagers to stay alone at night. From time to time some people stay in the village thinking of settling in the village to avoid this. But they also break their head, claiming that there is a haunted house in this village.

Travel site

During the day, the village becomes a tourist destination. But they have a door around this village. They close the door at 6 p.m. After that, no one would go into the village until dawn.

Permission with security

Even if someone wants to enter the village, the government has already given permission and more people are allowed to enter with proper security. It is said that some films were made with such permission.

The unsolved mystery

There is something like that within this village. Why do those who stay there get incredible experiences? Why the people in this village left or disappeared is still a mystery to this day.

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