Easter Island - The Island of Miracles

This is the tragic story of the extinction of an aboriginal race.

It is an isolated island in the Pacific Ocean. It is lonely… very lonely. For thousands of kilometers around, it is impossible to see any terrain or anything else. The island is a green spot in the middle of the blue sea. The volcano “Rano Raraku” is located in the northern corner of the island and was almost on the verge of being possible. Smoke is everywhere. While the smoke is still not completely gone, some people are still heading towards the place. Their body is very strong. They go near that volcano and collect ashes in some baskets. Carrying it, they descend the mountain again. There do not seem to be sandals on the feet. In that forest, on the mountain, they walk barefoot which gives great surprise.  Their life was so happy. They lived a life as serene as the sea, the forest, the mountains, the volcanoes, the sculptures, the fish food.

The island is today known as “Easter Island”. These stories may have taken place between the 13th and 15th centuries. The feet of the Europeans were at rest until they found the island. Their extinction began the moment the first Europeans set foot on the island. Until then, without much human interference, the race was plundered, living only in search of nature. To many countries, they were dragged into slavery. This halved the number of species. The rats began to bite the rest of the population. Yes … they’re real mice.

As many foreigners began to arrive, the so-called “Polynesian rats” on their ships began to invade the island. It caused them various diseases. The race, which had been playing in turbulent seas and boiling volcanoes, began to weaken.

Historically, the first information available suggests that up to 17,500 people lived on the island. It is said that there were up to 3,000 people on the island in the early 1700s. As of 1877, there were 111. The aboriginal name of the island is “Rapa Nui”. Today this Easter Island is one of the few wonders of the world. In particular, the so-called “Moai” idols here.


1. Easter Island comes under the jurisdiction of Chile. 2,300 miles from Santiago, the capital of Chile, and Easter Island.

2. Only one statue on this island is slightly different. It would sit as if knocked over. Its face is slightly curved. It is carved with the “Red Puna Pua” stone of the island.

3. The island has a place of worship of the “Raba Nui” race. It is called “Ahu Akivi”.

That only weird statue :

Longnose, wide cheeks, thick eyebrows, deep eyes, rectangular ears, that nostril was seen to be slightly curved. i.e. like fish bait. This is how the Moai would be. Such statues are not found anywhere else in the world. Covering an area of 101 square kilometers, Easter Island has a total of 887 Moai. More than half of these statues look like the sea and the rest look like an island.

There were many surprises for the researchers who explored this island. First came the question of who made these statues. There was a suspicion that it might be the work of aliens. Later, when the statues were examined, it was discovered that they were made of materials from the island. In particular, 834 statues are made of an ingredient made of volcanic ash known as “tuff”. So, this proves that Aliens definitely could not have done this.

Next came the question of how these large statues could have been moved to so many places throughout the island. In the early 1980s, some American researchers tried to see if it could actually move the objects of that period without any of the modern technology, with similar statues. But, it could not. Later, some researchers made it possible.

How they could have moved the idols?

To the right and left of the statue, a rope was tied and waved and pulled. At the same time, they tied the rope to the back so that it would standstill. When tried like this, the statue was able to move. Thus the researchers found the answers in many ways to the many surprises that the island gave.

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