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In this post, we will see the amazing facts about Stonehenge which is one of the most mysterious and astonishing places in the world.

Stonehenge appearance

This Stonehenge is found in Wiltshire, England, and is currently a popular tourist destination in the UK. It is said that Stonehenge may have been a volcano earlier. Each of the rocks seen in this picture is said to have formed about 5000 years ago. Each of these rocks is 12 feet high and weighs over 25 tons. How they built this rock with so much weight and why they built is a mystery. Not only that but it is not known to date who built this.

Stonehenge construction

Each of the rocks in the Stonehenge weighs between 22 and 500 tons. How they brought the heavier stones from so far away is still a mystery. No creature in the world can handle these rocks with the technology discovered so far which is why these rocks are full of puzzles.

Archaeological Results:

Archaeological evidence from the Stonehenge Riverside Project of 2008 suggests that Stonehenge may have been a tomb from its earliest days. Human bones found at the site date back to BC. It seems to belong to the year 3000. Such cremations continued for at least the next 500 years. This site has been a place of religious significance for pilgrims.

Stonehenge was not built by a culture of leaving written records. Many aspects of Stonehenge are debatable. There is no direct evidence of construction techniques used in Stonehenge construction. Over the years, many authors have suggested that supernatural methods may have been used (otherwise it would have been impossible to move those stones). It is also thought that the site may have been used for astronomical or religious purposes.

Recently two major theories have been proposed. Professor Jeffrey Wainwright and Professor Timothy of the University of Bournemouth consider Stonehenge to be a therapeutic equivalent of Lourdes. They argue that the number of people buried in cemeteries in this area is high.  However, they also acknowledge that the site has been used for ancestral worship. Isotope analysis revealed that some of the buried individuals were from other areas. There are those who put forward the idea that Stonehenge was built as a funeral monument. Its design aims to predict other celestial phenomena, including eclipses.

Another theory proposed in 2012 suggests that Stonehenge was set up to unite the various peoples of the British Isles. According to this theory, the regional cooperation between the workers involved in the construction of Stonehenge was much needed and the stones were taken a very long distance, especially from quarries in an area like Wales.

Stonehenge was built by Alien?

Michael, an archaeologist from England, found the skeletons in Stonehenge while examining the tomb, but it is said that the skeletons were buried there by the people. Most people believe that Stonehenge was built by aliens. It is also believed that Stonehenge is used as a path for aliens to visit earth.

Did the greatest men build?

Myths about Stonehenge are also believed by most people that the greatest humans (Giants) lived in antiquity and that they built this tomb. The theory by Geoffrey, says it was built by giants who brought stones from Africa.

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