Mummies in ancient Egyptian civilization

History on Mummies

In ancient Egyptian civilization, the corpses of kings were preserved because they believed that kings would go to the afterlife after death and that they needed an earthly body to live in that world, so it was necessary to preserve the corpses of dead kings. Not only human carcasses but also crocodile and cat carcasses were processed.

According to ancient Greek historians, the corpses of some kings in Persia were also cremated using wax. Although generally known as Egyptian mummies, the most ancient in tanning is the Cincinnati people of Chile and Peru in South America. Yet it is thought that there are many mysteries behind the Egyptian mummies. Researchers who have tried to research these say that none of them came back alive.

Let us now look at how ancient Egyptian mummies were processed and what was associated with them. It is believed that pyramids were created to preserve after the death of the Pharaoh kings who ruled Egypt several thousand years ago. The body parts of the dead kings were then disassembled and placed on a wooden box wrapped in cloth wrapped around their bodies with various substances. This method is referred to as mummification. It is worth noting that the Egyptians used embalming 1000 years ago to keep the bodies of the dead from decaying.

During the Fourth Dynasty (2600 BC), which ruled the ancient Egyptian kingdom, mummies were created by processing the bodies of dead kings. Mummies were created by a method of removal of internal organs other than the heart. They remove unwanted elements and replenish them with certain types of oils and minerals. Then wrap a cotton cloth soaked in oil several times around the body. A mummy’s head is attached to the head like a shield. The mummy will be placed in a wooden box and buried in a pyramid. Later during the opening ceremony of the mummy’s mouth the Egyptians believed that the god of pleasure was near. A mummy with a golden tongue was discovered in Egypt in February 2021, 2,000 years ago, during the reign of the Ptolemaic dynasty.

Research on mummies

These processed mummies are the only chance we have to get to know the ancient Egyptians who have excelled in science like this. All the results related to the body of the dead mummies are found in the excavated mummies using modern technologies like X-ray, radioactive dating, genetic testing, scan, etc.

Modern technology

Although various mummies like this were taken from the earth, they are still unopened today. For the reason that they should not crumble. The body of King Amenhotep, discovered in 1881, has now been excavated using digital technology.

The mummy was scanned in 3d and examined for information about the king’s body inside without opening the box. Analysts estimate that the king inside the box maybe 35 years old. There was a gold ribbon inside the cloth that Mummy had wrapped like that. His face was also created by Artificial intelligence as it was scanned in 3D.

No clear evidence has yet been found as to what caused the death of the now-discovered king. This king is said to have ruled Egypt from 1504 to 1525 for 25 years. Analysts say that this king may have become king in his childhood. That is, the king is believed to have ruled from the age of 14.

As more and more technology grows we will know clearer information about this and the unraveling knots.

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