King of Frauds who sold the Taj Mahal - Natwarlal's Story

Would you believe if someone had sold the Taj Mahal not once but three times?

Born in Bangara village in Bihar state, Natwarlal has been a lawyer before entering the fraud business. The killer, disguised as a killer, has committed more than 50 pseudonyms, effectively defrauding more than a hundred people and looting millions of rupees.

Many foreigners, like celebrities, have the ability to sign at a glance. The world knows Mithilesh Kumar Srivastava, India’s best cheater or swindler, as Natwarlal. He has sold India’s antiquities, the Taj Mahal, three times, the Red Port twice, and President Pawan and the Indian Parliament once, respectively, along with 545 members. And he has profiteered many businesses. This includes Tata, Birla, Ambani, and many more. He pretended to be a social activist and looted large sums of money from them. He pretended to be the shop owner and sold them for millions of rupees with a fake check.

Although born in Bihar, he has been wanted by more than 100 state police for more than 100 offenses. But Natwarlal has bravely escaped from different prisons eight times in his life. He once came out of jail in Kanpur wearing a sub-inspector’s suit. He took guard’s purse and hurriedly got into the docks and escaped. He was taken in a wheelchair from Kanpur jail to Delhi AIIMS hospital where he tricked the police and went missing at the Delhi railway station. No one saw him after that (Last seen June 24,1996).

Natwarlal died on July 25, 2009 and his lawyer asked the court to dismiss the more than 100 charges against him.Meanwhile, Natwarlal’s brother Ganga Prasad Srivastava argued that his body was cremated in 1996. But to date his exact, the death date has not been recorded.

He is a role model (hero) for many who enter the fraudulent business. Even recently, a 21-year-old man pretended to be an executive at Indraprastha Automobiles and took Rs.19 lakh from their bank account. He is a big fan of the film Mr. Natwarlal which he saw in his school days and has handled the guru style. He is seen by history as the Greatest Conman of India. Natwarlal, the venerable fraud king who lives in a place unique in Indian history by his might.

Natwarlal’s unique tactical skills make him comparable to Frank Abagnale and Victor Lustig. There are many similarities between these. Frank Abagnale was known for his various disguises as a doctor, pilot, and lawyer from a young age.

To travel the world for free, he disguised himself as a pilot and covered 1,600,000 km on 250 flights, flying to 26 countries at the expense of the airline. Once on, he turned on the AutoPilot to work on the plane and remained silent. Fortunately, 140 passengers were seated elsewhere.

Some interesting things we should know about Natwarlal:    

  • Now one of his sons, like his wife, works for the FBI.
  • Catch Me If You Can is a 2002 film directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Leonardo DiCaprio is based on his stories.  
  • Natwarlal’s nephew is serving in the army.
  •  In his hometown, a statue of him is erected in his memory at the place where he once lived.
  • He aired his life story in 9 series on the Aaj Tak TV channel Jurm (2004).
  • Canadian author Rohinton Mistry mentions Mithilesh Kumar’s fraud in his famous book “Such a Long Journey”.  
  • Amitabh Bachchan’s 1979 blockbuster film Mr.Natwarlal and more recently Raja Natwarlal starring Imran Hashimi are named after him.

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