Envaitenet - The 'No Return' island


There are numerous small islands around Lake Durgana, which sits vastly in the middle of the sea in northwestern Kenya. One of those islands is the land of the so-called ‘Envaitenet’. In the language of the indigenous people living around Lake Durgana, ‘Envaitenet’ means ‘will not return’. The story behind the island’s name is full of interest and is only a mystery. Numerous people lived on the island of Envaitenet in the 1900s. Fishing is their profession. Although often do not leave the island, they visit the neighboring islands from time to time for business. The only evidence that there are people on the island of Envinette is their visit to the neighboring islands! 
In this situation, the number of people coming to the neighboring islands for business has suddenly started to decrease from that island for a few days. Over the next few days the arrival of humans came to a complete halt. At one point, those on the neighboring islands became suspicious and went to the island because no one who had gone there had come. However, it turned out to be a mysterious island as those who went there did not return. Then, another group of tribesmen who had traveled safely did not return! Is this not enough? Stories of ‘those who go to the island dissolve in the air’, ‘aliens take them away’, and ‘suddenly a ring of light kills people’ occupied the island. No one has entered the Envaitenet, which has become a mystery island since then.

English scientist Vivian Fush:

In 1934, Vivian Fush, a geologist from the United States, whispered the story of the island of Envaitenet as he and his crew explored Lake Durgana. Vivian sent two young scientists to the island of Envaitenet. Except for the fact that several days had passed, none of the scientists who had gone had returned. The researchers who came with Vivian were shocked that the two researchers, who had set out for the island of Envintinate to unravel the mystery, did not return. The shocked researchers did the research from a distance. They did the research while flying in a helicopter. No trace was found. The tribal huts were intact. Rotten fish were scattered. Human nomadism is not alone. Subsequently, some information was gathered from the inhabitants of the neighboring islands which is unbelievable.

Grand light:

Neighboring islanders said that a great light would come on the island and that whoever was in the place would disappear and that is how those who went there would have disappeared. How does the vast light come on? Does it burn humans? So should the bones be left over? Scientists have no answers to the questions.

Research is underway to decide if there is any connection between the island and the aliens. It is said that the people here are being abducted by aliens, that an invisible wheel is spinning, and that people are floating in the air. But, the mystery knots for this have not yet been unraveled.

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